What is flaretech about?

In short, it's the world's fastest mechanical keyboard

Flaretech Switch is an optical prism switch; it is the fastest mechanical keyboard switch to date. It is different from the linear light path conduction of the regular optical switch. It uses the principle of prism refraction, optimizes the direction of light refraction, ensures a reasonable production rate, and reduces the failure rate of the optical switch.

It uses a dedicated PCB panel that mounts hot-swappable switches, unlike traditional mechanical switches. It will not affect the trigger even if the PCB board has a certain deformation, and it will not affect the trigger.

Blue Switch Comparison 
Flaretech Clicky55 “Blue” switch CherryMX Blue switch
Operating Force N/A 50 cN
Key end Force 55 cN – Non-linear 55 cN – Non-linear
Keystrokes 100 million 50 million
Debounce 0.03ms 5ms
Tactile feedback Yes, on 1.8mm down and 0.5mm back up Yes, on 1.7mm down
Audible feedback Yes, on 1.8mm down and 0.5mm back up Yes, on 1.7mm down
Total travel distance 4mm 4mm
Actuation point 1.5-3.6mm 2.2mm
Reset point 1.5-3.6mm 1.5mm
Keycap mount MX (cross) MX (cross)