Why do we insist on equipping fully 5-sided dye-sub PBT keycaps?

1. The ultimate pursuit of each customized keyboard component makes the unique and sustainable bespoke material selection.
2. The cherry profile keycap with the 5-side dye-sub technique maximizes the typing feel; it is faster to get started and feels smooth. 
3. Pay more attention to the color matching of keycaps and original characters for better visual impact. 

*Masterpiece: ABM084-Spiritful Gradient Keycap
Other: C641keycap



Dye-sub technique |Single-sided or Five-sided ?

Dye-sub is a keycap dyeing process. Most of the mid-to-high-end mechanical keyboards on the market use Double-shot injection and dye-sub technique. In addition to the material, the dyeing process of the keycap is the key to best reflecting the manufacturer's competitiveness. 

Single-sided dye-sub technique refers to printing on the front of the keycap and five-sided printing on the five sides of the keycap (including four side elevations).

Dye-sub technique uses sophisticated computer software, rotating blades, and cutting equipment such as heat presses. It's hard enough to embed the designs into one side of the keycap, making the delicate process even more challenging if you need to decorate all five sides. 

The keycaps require very delicate handling, as the heat press repositions on each side, and a wrong move can ruin the entire design. Therefore, the five-sided dye-sub technique's difficulty, cost, and defect rate are more serious. Most moderately priced dye-sub keycaps usually choose single-sided dye-sub of the primary key area and five-sided dye-sub of some keys. 

Another critical point is that if you need to print light-colored characters or patterns on dark material keycaps, the single-sided dye-sub technique cannot be achieved, and only the five-sided dye-sub technology can be used.